What The Font?!

Do you spend countless hours trying to identify fonts?

If you work in the graphic industry like sign-making, specialty printing, screen printing, engraving, etc., you probably have had to re-create a graphic in vector format so that you could use it with your machinery.  I vectorize all day long (convert raster images into vector art) and I used to spend countless hours trying to figure out which font was used on the original graphic so that I didn't have to manually and painstakingly redraw each letter out. I had customers wonder why a simple plain text graphic would be quoted higher than let's say an image of a tree with no text. It used to take me an hour to go through my font catalogs only to find out that I did not have the font or that perhaps it wasn't even a font but custom-made text instead.

But that was before I discovered What the Font?! What a great website! You simply upload your image with the font you are looking for and it will try to guess what it is. Most of the time it is right on and it is totally free! Of course the better your original image the better the results and I usually crop my image to display just the text. If the system doesn't find a good match you can also post your image to their forum and wait for feedback (I am usually in a rush but have gotten responses pretty quick).

Now I spend less time looking for fonts and more time gardening!

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  1. I love this site! Thanks for recommending it! I was actually working on a font today and this saved me hours of time!!! love your recomendations!


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