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High Resolution Image for Printing

What is a high resolution image? Common image files such as jpg, gif, png, tif, psd, bmp, are measured in pixels. The resolution of a pixel-based graphic is the number of pixels within an inch: PPI (pixels per inch) Whether the image has high enough resolution depends on the process being used. Generally, offset printers (paper printing) require a minimum of 300 ppi, screen printers (cloth printing) require 240 ppi. In order to determine whether an image is high enough resolution, you need to know 3 things: Your image's pixel dimensions (e.g 850 pixels wide) The printed size desired (e.g. want to print a 4 inch image on paper) The resolution required by the process your image will go through (e.g. printing 300 minimum ppi) ASSUMING RESOLUTION NEEDED IS 300 PPI  If your image is: (pixels wide) It can be printed in good quality at: (inches wide) 100 0.333 200 0.667 300 1 400 1.333 500 1.667 600 2 700