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Auto Trace vs Hand-Drawn Vector Conversion

Here is a good example of an image that can be vectorized using automated software and it may be acceptable to many customers, yet on closer inspection there is still room for improvement, so for those people whom detail is essential, manual vectorization may be necessary.  The original raster image is fairly good quality, the pixel dimension is not too small and more importantly there is high contrast between the colors: See both automated vectorization results and manual vector conversion. At a glance both seem acceptable vector drawings: But a closeup of the auto-trace results shows some of the detail in the faces is gone. A person with elevated attention to detail will not find this vector conversion acceptable. Closeup of hand-drawn vector conversion. Note the little noses have a better resemblance to the original artwork: So taking a few more minutes (or paying a few more dollars) to manually redraw this simple vector image may be worthwhile. Se