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Images for Large Format Printing

We get a lot of requests to convert photos to vector format. One of the reasons is that some printer's guidelines state that in order to print good quality images in large format vector graphics are required. Maybe a little clarification is needed because vector graphics are drawings, so converting a photo to vector means making a drawing of the photo and that isn't necessarily what is needed or wanted. Most printers will accept vector AND high resolution; in this case, designs including photos can then be provided to printer using both vectors plus non-vector good quality photos. If the images you want printed in large format are: A. Photos Images that are captured with a camera need to be supplied in high resolution (large image*) format. Photos are not scalable so simply enlarging a small image will result in a poor quality large image. The photo must have been taken with a high quality setting on the camera, so that it will be the size needed for t